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Shot In The Dark is a competitive 1v1 local multiplayer First Person Shooter where you can only shoot when you close your eyes.

Take control of your Drone and battle your friends in a futuristic arena. Take aim, close your eyes and pray for a lucky shot!


The game fully supports gamepad with up to one player being able to play with Keyboard and Mouse.

Rounds are played on a Best of 5 format (first player to win 3 rounds wins the match).

How to play

This game was made in 40 hours for the Invictvs Game Jam 2017 (plus some polish after the jam). The theme of the jam was "Lucky Shot" and we finished with a 3rd place out of 25 teams.

2nd place game: Davy Jones' Locker

1st place game: Pic-a-Boo!


Henrique Basto: Programming

João Azuaga: Programming

José Raimundo: Character Art

Mário Esteves: Additional Programming and Art

Robin Couwenberg: Music and Sounds

Sandro Gonçalves: Environment Art and UI


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Windows 64-bit 38 MB
Mac OSX 39 MB
Linux 57 MB


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We really enjoyed this! For a 40 hour game it's pretty impressive, fast and tense gameplay, a solid and unique premise, overall just great work! 

Thanks for sharing this here!